Cassa Hotel and Residences, A Solly Assa Property, Creates A Home Away From Home Feeling.

In today’s world of traveling, most folks tend to stay in an Airbnb or hotels. However, Airbnb’s pose unwelcome surprises such as unreachable hosts, strange odors, or even loud neighbors. On the other hand, hotels can feel soulless and unwelcoming, and the lack of a kitchen can make travelers longing for some home-made food. When people travel, they want to feel not only immersed in a new city but also feel right at home. Based in the heart of New York City, Cassa Hotel and Residences gives a blend between the trusted hospitality of a hotel, while also maintaining the unique, cultural flavor of an authentic home. To give some background, Cassa was built from the ground by Solly Assa, who serves as the CEO and founder. He is a leader in New York Real estate, and he earned this title by being proactive about market trends and acting on it. The facilitation of sales is driven by Compass group, which is a leading real estate broker that uses digital technologies with real estate in a unique way.