Author: Sam Gabbay

Real estate, art, and technology combine forces to create artech hosted by Solly Assa

Solly Assa, Founder and CEO of Assa Properties, and Sebastian Lopera, a leading Real Estate Agent in New York City, hosted a never-been-done-before immersive ARTech Cassa event on June 30th, which celebrated beautiful and state of the art design trends, along with an appearance by celebrity and Iron Chef Alex Guarnascehlli who represents Butter Restaurant. […]

New York Rapper Moves Into Cassa Hotel

Moroccan-born New York rapper French Montana is living it up in a $50 million extravagant penthouse at the Cassa Hotel and Residences, at 70 W. 45th St.  The Theater District skypad would be perfect on the set of a Kardashian reality TV show, but Montana’s relationship with Khloe Kardashian is long over, though the two […]

Showtime “House”

The Showtime “House” project is a unique, highly publicized project celebrating its third successful year in collaboration with top architects, interior designers, and media specialists. Showtime pairs them with one of their infamous shows, and the designers are given carte blanche to transform a coveted New York City architectural space in response to the show’s […]