Solly Assa’s Cassa NY is the premier residence for the stars

Solly Assa has been in real estate for over two decades, his empire spans across the U.S. and Mexico as his company, Assa Properties, has acquired over 3 million square feet of assets in both countries. Assa properties mainly targets development and investment into major retail, residential, and commercial properties. Solly Assa’s architecture is completed by TEN Arquitectos/Enrique Norten, which is a premier architecture service that has worked on a broad array of award-winning and acclaimed architectural projects that span diverse types, scales, including furniture design, single-family apartments, residential, commercial and cultural buildings. Additionally, this is in collaboration with CentraRuddy. Founding principals of CentraRuddy include John Centra and Nancy J. Ruddy, who have been providing quality projects in architecture, planning, interior design and product design for more than 20 years.

Investr Cap, Founded By Sam Gabbay And Solly Assa, Helps Startups Live The American Dream

These entrepreneurs show us that the American Dream – the freedom to start something out of nothing and pursue your own personal passion – is still alive and well. There are certainly more obstacles that may exist today than there were prior, but starting a business is always challenging. If the pandemic is the main thing that’s holding you back from starting a business right now, I’m here to tell you that it shouldn’t because Investr Cap can help bridge the current gaps that exist when it comes to helping your startup succeed.

Solly Assa and Sam Gabbay make Investr Cap to help capitalize opportunity

Ask any startup what the single most important element to success is and — more often than not — the answer will be money. Financing always ranks as a high priority for the small fish trying to make it happen in the big pond of business. But it’s important to know where this cash comes from and what will come with it. These are actually the most important details to a startup. Startups need investors who bring not only smart money to the table, but also their networks and business acumen. Smart money works best for startups when nascent businesses pair with investors who provide a holistic approach to business. They can help in hiring the best talent, attracting interest from the most relevant stakeholders, securing a continuous presence in the press, avoiding pitfalls and, ultimately, fulfilling ambitions.

Cassa Hotel and Residences, A Solly Assa Property, Creates A Home Away From Home Feeling.

In today’s world of traveling, most folks tend to stay in an Airbnb or hotels. However, Airbnb’s pose unwelcome surprises such as unreachable hosts, strange odors, or even loud neighbors. On the other hand, hotels can feel soulless and unwelcoming, and the lack of a kitchen can make travelers longing for some home-made food. When people travel, they want to feel not only immersed in a new city but also feel right at home. Based in the heart of New York City, Cassa Hotel and Residences gives a blend between the trusted hospitality of a hotel, while also maintaining the unique, cultural flavor of an authentic home. To give some background, Cassa was built from the ground by Solly Assa, who serves as the CEO and founder. He is a leader in New York Real estate, and he earned this title by being proactive about market trends and acting on it. The facilitation of sales is driven by Compass group, which is a leading real estate broker that uses digital technologies with real estate in a unique way.

Real estate, art, and technology combine forces to create artech hosted by Solly Assa

Solly Assa, Founder and CEO of Assa Properties, and Sebastian Lopera, a leading Real Estate Agent in New York City, hosted a never-been-done-before immersive ARTech Cassa event on June 30th, which celebrated beautiful and state of the art design trends, along with an appearance by celebrity and Iron Chef Alex Guarnascehlli who represents Butter Restaurant.

Sebastian represents Compass group, which is a leading real estate broker that uses digital technologies with real estate in a unique way. Compass was brought in by Assa Properties to facilitate sales of units. To learn more about Compass’ offerings, visit their website.

New York Rapper Moves Into Cassa Hotel

Moroccan-born New York rapper French Montana is living it up in a $50 million extravagant penthouse at the Cassa Hotel and Residences, at 70 W. 45th St.  The Theater District skypad would be perfect on the set of a Kardashian reality TV show, but Montana’s relationship with Khloe Kardashian is long over, though the two remain friends. (It was a “real dope relationship” as “the love was real,” Montana once said in an interview.)

Showtime “House”

The Showtime “House” project is a unique, highly publicized project celebrating its third successful year in collaboration with top architects, interior designers, and media specialists. Showtime pairs them with one of their infamous shows, and the designers are given carte blanche to transform a coveted New York City architectural space in response to the show’s themes. This year, the space was set in the penthouses of Enrique Norton’s recently opened Cassa Hotel and HUSH was invited to be one of the selected designers.