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Spa in Mexico

Republished Biggerpockets article

Solly Assa mentions:

  • The investment plan, and other plans containing the fulfillment of other conditions set out in the privatization procedure, negotiations with the relevant agencies
  • Analysis of discounted cash flows and optimal duration of the investment in order to maximize return on invested capital
  • Structuring financial resources (investment capital, debt capital, mezzanine) and modeling the price of capital in the structure of such a structure
  • Loan repayment analysis, defining reserve funds for loan repayment , modeling the amount of funds for the investment maintenance of a spa
  • Assessment document of the value of spas
  • A document containing the calculation of the indicators of the financial effects of investment in the equity multiplier(this is the key parameter according to Assa, as it shows key metrics such as internal rate of return (IRR), net present value (NPV), and other financial coefficients like liquidity, solvency and profitability)
  • A document containing the defined the bid price
  • Contacts of banks and other sources of financing
  • Preparing a possible exit strategy for investing in the spa center is the last thing you will need to do if you are willing to invest in spa centers in Mexico.