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Posted By : Solly Assa
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Social Media is Important to Real Estate Agents

Throughout the years, social media has grown significantly; allowing companies to reach larger audiences and helping them become more valuable in business. Today, social media is a necessity for successful real estate agents. Since consumers expect the businesses they work with to engage on social media, it is very important for real estate agents to have a strong social media presence. A few years ago, agents might have gotten away without one but now, social media is no longer optional. Solly Assa, founder, and developer of Assa Properties, a successful real estate company, claims that without a social media platform, there is no way a real estate company can prosper.

The social media revolution has become a total must for small businesses trying to bring their business up to speed to others. Having this type of presence has helped real estate professional Assa build his company’s reputation and showcase his business. Taking advantage of this type of marketing opportunity has allowed him and many other realtors find and engage with prospective clients.  Over the past decade, social media networks have completely changed the way real estate agents do business. Currently, social media channels are the most effective way to create compelling content and connect with an audience. Realtors can no longer rely on billboards, radio, TV, or the Yellow Pages for their marketing.