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Investing in hotels

Every mentioned element is more or less important for different people. Hotels are graded by the service they provide through a basic division which separates the hotels with full service from ones with limited service. According to Solly Assa this is the most basic and well-known grading practice there is. There are other systems, like social grading, where hotels are divided into luxury, medium, lower medium or budget class categories of hotels. Great hotel companies have created their own global brands, offering the same standards and services worldwide, so each traveler knows about service and price in advance.

Something that is largely influencing the growth of a positive trend is the increase in the number of airplane companies that offer “low-cost” flights. However there is a major lack of low-cost flights, or other transport means to all the countries in Latin America, and Assa sees a strong future and assumes that this is what has been holding the airplane companies back in the first place.

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