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History of Hotels

Today, according to the statistical data of the World Tourism Organization (WTO), total global hotel capacity exceeds 14.5 million rooms. Solly Assa points out that economic development is directly related with the development of the hotel industry. Based on the total hotel capacity in Europe, more than a half is concentrated in five countries – Italy, Germany, France, Spain and England. Italy is the leading European country by hotel capacity, with somewhere around 17.5% of the total European capacity (which amounts to a million rooms). The United States has over four million hotel rooms at disposal, or roughly more than a third of the total hotel capacity in the world. With the opening in Eastern European countries and China, there is a considerable increase in the global hotel capacity. Recently, big hotel chains have been positioning themselves in these new markets.

Mexico follows the same pattern as any other country mentioned in the “history tour” above. And because Mexico is considered a developed country, but needs a little something, Solly believes that increasing their hotel capacities and investing in tourism is the thing that Mexico needs to do in order to aid their development and reach maximum potential.

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