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Finding The Right Agent

If you’re considering selling your home, finding the right real estate agent should be on the top of your priority list – assuming you want a smooth transaction process. Professional real estate agents offer unique insights and experience, which make them a critical part of the selling process. Selling your house can be a pretty stressful and emotionally intense period. Fortunately, agents can reduce some of this stress by keeping you focused on the things that matter the most. Solly Assa, founder, and developer of Assa Properties, a New York City-based real estate company, offers insight on finding the best agent match for you

The world is full of people operating in the real estate industry. In the U.S. alone there are more than 2 million agents. While many of these agents are committed, smart, efficient, and seeking their clients’ best interests, like with anything, some are not. Selling your home is a major life change and a huge financial commitment. After all, you are selling one of your biggest assets and choosing a stranger for this incredibly important task. As you navigate this process, it is only logical to have demanding expectations. It is of the utmost importance you know what to look for and how to choose responsibly, said Mr. Assa. You want a trustworthy agent who you can rely on to safeguard your financial interests.