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The Best Countries for Investing

Crisis and recession across the world resulted in drops in real estate values in some countries. In the United States, real estate brings attractive returns because the demand for prime assets is still greater than the supply.

When it comes to real estate investing, the old adage “location matters” covers pretty much everything. New York-based real estate investor and developer Solly Assa, believes that the US real estate market will continue to grow at such healthy pace, but he also believes that diversification opportunities abroad offer a potential for fabulous returns. Real estate developers from around the world are already racing to capitalize on the growing rental demand from this additional investments.

One of the most important parts of being a successful real estate investor is knowing your real estate market. Yet somehow, experienced investors and new investors alike often overlook real estate market research. To help with this, in this article Solly Assa, CEO of Assa Properties, reveals the best countries for investing in real estate today. Below he shares an overview of his survey findings. Based on the advantages that every country holds, while considering several criteria for each selection, Mr. Assa ranks the top three countries that are currently most promising for American investors.